About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel. Thanks for stopping by.

jov_8856_rFIRST AN UPDATE … as at mid 2018 I am moving my attention from this blog to my work one at www.mcinnes.associates – at least for a while as I can only do so much unpaid work – even if I love it.  There is an overlap in topics, around human behaviour/effectiveness but where this is very individual and covers chronic illness topics … the newer blog is more work performance based.  I may be back in the future.  For now thanks for your support and encouragement.

Now about me ….

I have two decades experience as a management consultant and executive coach (I know, I look so young, that is the cruise photographers being nice enough to treat me like a celebrity and digitally enhance me before I saw the image – it must really suck being a celebrity over 40 and seeing your unedited self in the mirror every morning huh?)

I have just submitted (awaiting examination now) a PhD in Well-being at Work.  I looked at the link between the vagus nerve and performance at work – using exercise and mindfulness meditations.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Biology, a Masters in Management in Technology and a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

I also live with multiple chronic illnesses. This experience combined with a stressful corporate job has triggered my interest and research in how the health (or absence) of peoples minds and bodies effects their performance at work and in life.

I am also a parent, partner, daughter and more (I’m also interested in the roles we ‘play’).  Speaking of parenting – I would like to acknowledge my amazing 12 year old daughter who is the artist behind the wonderful drawings and artwork you see on the site (some of which she did at 10).

This blog is many things – too many you might argue.  I cover:

  • The lived experience of chronic (physical) illness
  • The emerging science in some of the illness I have
  • The lived experience of (at times crippling) anxiety
  • The basics of the scientific method and what it is
  • My research on the vagus nerve / heart rate variability
  • The science of habits and related stuff
  • Book reviews – mostly topics linked to the above
  • Whatever the hell else grabs me by the balls.

You can contact me at  rachel@mcinnes.associates