Bad Bugs aka “Resistant Blastocystis Hominis Infection”

Today I am talking about blastocystis Hominis, but I call him blasto for short … a nastier chap you have never met.   If you too are afflicted you can get many links to research here:  I found this very helpful but have not thoroughly checked the sources myself, I’ll leave that to you. Or your doctor can access resources from the centre for digestive diseases in Sydney Australia here

BadBugs by Miss10

BadBugs by Miss10

Today I headed off to my holistic doctor with the usual great excitement and nerves, to get my results for my blasto. infection, which I had been treating since May.  I say ‘holistic’ because his personal approach is whole person, because he listens, respects and responds, because he looks to and follows the latest research in a number of chronic illnesses.  However he is a regular GP.  He in fact does not and will not advertise in case it gets him in hot water with the authorities for his “experimental ways”, hence my withholding his name.  Often he is simply finding and using the latest science that has not yet trickled down to established practice.  In Australia and New Zealand we don’t have the ND (Natural Doctor) system like America.  We simply have some doctors who decide to empower themselves to do things differently.  I have been lucky enough in the 35 years combined of mine and my daughters’ chronic health issues to find three such doctors.  Let it be said that many main stream doctors have been crucial to our care and health especially in critical moments (involving hospitals and ambulances etc.). It is when things become chronic, long term, and not well researched that the mainstream system just can’t seem to help.

Fortunately the internet has democratised somethings (and made some harder) and sent many a person into chronic anxiety (“yes it is cancer….oh no”) or on a wild goose chase (more on that in my research focused blogs).  If you take time to study up about my friend blasto online, you will see it is contentious; as there are many asymptomatic carriers and as such it is common for doctors to claim it is not problem.  Indeed the results from my pathology lab came back with a statement saying blasto “should not be rechecked for” on the bottom.  Naturally they happily took my money when I retested for it (hence my also not posting their name).

A long way to GoBetween my doctor, the website above and my life story I was certainly prepared to try treating it, which I begun in May.   I was no longer so enthusiastic several days into treatment and three kilograms down, still in bed, still waking frequently and suddenly at night, needing to poop.  I had anxiety like I could not remember and nausea like I was pregnant.   My diet was so restricted that I was literally sobbing over pictures of sweets.  I was also treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) at the same time. It seems I have had no more luck with that – but it has served as fodder for a four part blog on SIBO.

Less than six weeks into ‘treatment’ I took a six week trip to England.  I had been so excited to connect with people I had not seen for over a decade and to get some research done (the purpose of the trip).   By day two I was cuddled around a toilet in a Dubai hotel, sweating, shaking, anxious, and nauseous, in huge pain and with diarrhoea – wondering how on earth I could get me and a 10 year old on another plane in a few hours.  This set the tone for the trip, several nights into arriving in London I was still waking feeling like vomiting hourly … and so went my dream trip to England.

Hence to learn today that my blasto friends are not only still with me but officially ‘resistant’ was a bit of kick in the guts.  To realise I now need to try “triple therapy” of antibiotics was terrifying.   I start tomorrow with a bit of a ‘detox’. I use the quotations there as detox is so overused and meaningless just now (this is a research based blog topic in the making).   However I have hundreds of dollars of herbs and a process to follow.   The idea is to prepare me (or more specifically my bowels) and gain as much weight as I can for the onslaught that will be my “treatment”.

In moments of positivity I realise I will be able to put my new found anxiety management skills to the test.  Skills I am developing from an Australia online course  and an Irish psychotherapist and ‘survivor’

Given a potential (reading the fine print I suspect ‘likely’ is more apt) side effect is vomiting and I am phobic of vomiting …. what a great opportunity that will be? No? Yes? Maybe? So help me God?

Wince by Tamara Menzi

Wince by Tamara Menzi

Then of course there is the preparation first which involves knocking out my one (or 2.5) glasses of wine to none (or one small one if I am very good). This is tough – given that after a two glasses of dry white wine I feel at my all-time best.  Often my only really good times, truth be told.  I think this second it is time to affirm myself for not being an alcoholic (much); after all; if you only felt well after two wines, would you not add it to your low carb breakfast?

For now I will go and enjoy a second glass of wine, and maybe even (a quarter of a cup of) strawberries with some (sugar free) whipped cream – what a party animal!!!!

Fingers crossed the next blasto update will be something hopeful, something positive.  However I suspect it might be from the ‘trenches of treatment’.  Last time I was in those trenches stuff happened I wouldn’t want to write in my private diary never mind a blog.   Let’s see how we go.

Meanwhile for those of you living with good health (treasure it) for those in my boat (I feel your pain, hold on, the storm will pass).

Yours sincerely,

The WellbeingatWork(nearly)Dr.




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  1. wellbeingatworkdr says:

    Update from me all the way in the future AKA 2018! Finally got the all clear on the blasto. It was a long journey… in the end an antibiotic called paramymycin was the ticket. I was going ot quit if this did not work as the thinking seems to be moving to don’t treat …. not sure I buy that but thrilled to not have to research it. Pleased to park this chapter.

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