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Day 10

Welcome to day 10 or my 30 days to sobriety. One third of the way there, double digits, yippee! Todays home work was about connecting with your core values.  I could whip through this as its a thing I do/teach etc …. but like the builder with a house falling down, honouring my values is […]

Day 9

Welcome to day 9 of my 30 days to sobriety How do I feel – sober? Sober. Maybe a little too Sober. On balance I am having many new and positive experiences, I am coping with late afternoons much better.  I am probably happier than the last week of drinking.  But I am still struggling, […]

Day 8

Welcome to day 8 or my 30 days to sobriety. Today was one of those days; sick child (heartbreaking as it is ongoing), mystery stenches rising from the kitchen sink, broken glass in the bathroom, lack of sympathy from someone in the inner circle (who shall not be named), passive aggressive interchanges with the local […]

Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of my 30 days to sobriety. Today we say whoop- whoop! go me! Because I finished Part 1 and completely a full week cycle, without a single sip of wine. I also survived a colonoscopy and gastroscopy today – so I really deserve some credit (as does Him Indoors who stepped […]

Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of my 30 days to sobriety. So far I have been writing my posts and doing my homework at my previous ‘happy hour’ – which I now confess (to myself and others) starts at 4pm, even if I can’t see a clock (I’m like the dog knowing when the owner is […]

Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of my 30 days to sobriety. The focus of today was believing in yourself and your ability to succeed. My key learnings were to banish “I can’t” language and to look for my own confirmation biases. Confirmation Bias Confirmation bias is where you look for information that supports your belief and […]

Day 4

Welcome friend to day 4 of my 30 days to sobriety. The focus of today is forgiveness and this affirmation is offered to read each day: “I release myself from all the demands and judgments that have kept me limited. I allow myself to be free – to live in joy, love, peace and sobriety.  […]

Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of my 30 days to sobriety. 10% there. ….and ….. no drinking, no chocolate fish for breakfast, not much of anything really. Like Day 2, todays activities were challenging due to the focusing on the pain of drinking to excess; the waking in your own pee sort of drinking. Which kinda […]

Day 2

Welcome my friend to day 2 (of my 30 days to sobriety). I’ll be honest with both of us.  I really wanted a drink today, and even more this second when I got in trouble for the chocolate fish eating yesterday for breakfast (did I not mention they were not my chocolate fish for the […]

Day 1

Welcome to Day one of my 30 days to sobriety.  I got the book of the same title from the library after trying to ‘dry March’ and getting to the 3rd.  Ouch. Regulars will know I have complex/nasty health issues and that I have dramatically improved healthwise over the last year.  With that improve in […]