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Pure. A Review

Pure. By Rose Bretécher. Unbound. 2015. I seem to be falling into a bit of a genre rut with my book reviews: woman with mental illness writes stunning book about her actual life.   I wonder why?   Yes envy, I envy these women, here’s me with my wee blog and here are they touching […]

Feeling the Fear: Getting in touch with the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Key advice from the wisdom on managing anxiety is to try and notice and ‘sit mindfully with’ the physical symptoms.  This is especially true in the cruel and extreme form of anxiety that is panic attacks. Ask ‘uncle google’ what the physical symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks are and you’ll see such delights as: […]

Book Review: First we make the beast beautiful

First, we Make the Beast Beautifull.  Sara Wilson. 2017. Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd There is a dark part of me.  You may have met her.  She really wants to dislike happy looking, perky, pretty people who have a tendency for having pictures of themselves with baskets of produce on the front of their bestselling […]

Health Anxiety and the Chronically Ill: Oh So Many Faces Has She.

Yesterday I had throat cancer …. It was horrific. You can’t possibly imagine all your worst fears coming true.  Just imagine if your doctor said those awful words to you ….. “Look … I’m sorry … it’s … C….” heart racing, shaking, stomach churning, the world closing in. My mind is stunning … within a […]

Just For Today: Do not be angry

Part of my journey in Reiki training is to get in touch with the five principles of Reiki, namely: Do not be angry Do not worry Be kind to yourself and others Express ones Gratitude Be diligent in work I read these principles in my Reiki training manual and was like … yeah…yeah …. sure […]

Step Two: Come to Believe

“Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity” CPA for Anxiety Welcome to Step Two of Chronic Pain/illness Anonymous (CPA), which I am currently “working”. I am not sure I have yet graduated step one: surrender. I am pretty sure I have not. I am changing things up a […]

Raising Rock Bottom: Anxiety Through a Different Lense.

A dear old friend of mine’s sister was a drug and alcohol counselor whose philosophy was focused on ‘raising rock bottom’. Sometimes the idea of clean, straight and narrow is too much, at least at first and that is were raising rock bottom comes in. If rock bottom was once a weekend bender, that involved […]

If You Are Going Through Hell – Keep Going!

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” So said someone terribly Zen like (no-one seems to know or agree quite who). This was a bitter pill for me to try and swallow this month when things in my health story took a turn for the worst. I was already living in a way that I had […]

The Anxiety Book. Elisa Black. A Review

The Anxiety Book. Elisa Black

*Published by Hachette 2016. I purchased Elisa Black’s ‘The Anxiety Book’ as an airport treat for myself after calming a massive panic storm which was brewing.  That calm after the storm or the almost storm is sometimes (but not quite) worth the storm.   I did have a near death experience once, the euphoria after that […]

The Black Dog, His Anxious Friend and Those Who Judge Them

Today I am writing again from deep withing the trenches of illness.  But this time I am not battling the great war of physical illness. I am battling a different war … one on mental illness. I had hoped to get back to the more research type blogs.  However I am so very deep in […]