Day 1

Welcome to Day one of my 30 days to sobriety.  I got the book of the same title from the library after trying to ‘dry March’ and getting to the 3rd.  Ouch.

Regulars will know I have complex/nasty health issues and that I have dramatically improved healthwise over the last year.  With that improve in health has come a paradoxical decrease in health behaviours – so thrilled was I to tolerate alcohol and certain foods that I have gone a bit mad and my health and sanity (which is marginal at best) are suffering.

Following my own advice on taking baby steps or going the whole hog re habit change – I figured I needed more structure, better systems, a bit more drama.

So here I am.  Sober May – Day 1.

I started the day with chocolate fish for breakfast – why not?

However I have now gotten through the worst of ‘happy hour’ with a guided time travel technique (on the companion website you get access to with the book).  During this process – I got to look at my future self as a shrivelled old drunk (at least I got to have a virtual drink in that one) versus happy and bouncy and awesome (very thirsty).  I could not quite get past the aversion to wanting to see any versions of myself post 50.  But I did and without a drink.

How do I feel – like I want a drink or four.  However I feel a bit confident I will not have a drink at all.

I am also tasked to focus on Event + Response = Outcome.   So the event of ‘wanting a drink’ will be responded to with not having one and the outcome of seeing you tomorrow at Day 2, not yet smug but also a bit pleased and hopefully not eating chocolate for breakfast.

Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.

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