Day 10

Welcome to day 10 or my 30 days to sobriety.

One third of the way there, double digits, yippee!

Todays home work was about connecting with your core values.  I could whip through this as its a thing I do/teach etc …. but like the builder with a house falling down, honouring my values is not always on track.

I was tasked specifically with considered how my core values were breached by drinking.

Clearly my value of health is not held up by my drinking, nor my values of peace/contemplation/ meaning …. that stuff after a bottle of Chardonnay, is never going end well.

Then there is all my wonder/awe/aesthetic thing … glass of wine on a vineyard in the Napa valley anyone?  See here is that thing again where moderate drinking supports lots of good stuff (I know I sound like a proper alco now). The trick is moderation, because again a bottle of wine later does not make the vineyard sparkle more huh?

See you tomorrow, go well (and alone with your values).




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