Day 13

Welcome to day 13 of my 30 days to sobriety.

Lucky 13 eh?

It was also mothers day, so it’s my day all around.  I did not even have any “I deserve a wine on my day” thoughts.  This is progress.

Todays homework was a bit freaky; it was based on Tapping (or the Emotional Freedom Technique).  There is every chance this stuff is a load of rubbish.  However I am committed to following the 30 process, which so far is working for me as the only alcohol I am having is in bizarre dreams (which is normal for me, bizarre dreams like, the drinking in them is new).  I also have tried EFT in the past and gotten really awesome benefits.

So if Gwyneth Paltrow tells you to stick a jade egg up your who-ha or coffee up your bum, don’t do it!  It is not only pseudoscience but dumb, expensive and potentially very dangerous.  Take her advice on being an Actor if you want her advice.

On the other hand chanting some stuff at myself while I tap around bits of my body, seems kinda harmless and if in my experience it makes me feel better ….. then that is enough.  I haven’t looked to the science for more than a few minutes, my suspicion is the only published things are in the holistic journals that are often criticised for their methods (I know stuff is broken).

However if I try and look at the science in every thing I want to do …. I’ll drive myself and my loved ones even more insane.

On a lighter note – I got inspired in mummy daughter, mothers day tasks of painting my core values and 30 day goals on rocks.   Now that is better than a glass of wine surely.

I am definitely getting into the swing of not focusing on wine o’clock.

See you tomorrow.


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