Day 15

Welcome to day 15 of my 30 days to sobriety

You may have noticed I can’t count and there is no day 14.  No I did not go on a bender, I got confused and skipped onto day 15.  It did not matter much as day 14 was a review and had no actions, and day 15 had loads and I did not quite get through them all.

I am getting a bit bogged down in my actions …. there is only so much self improvement I can deal with in a one month and I am starting to feel overwhelmed with goals, checks and activities … I am also feeling less dependent on the process, which I felt I needed in the first week and still enjoyed in the second.

I guess I’m feeling a bit ‘flat’ and completely over all the tasks I have to do … not feeling the fun – just the work; clean up after last nights’ visitor, get ready for tomorrows, take bunnies to vet, child to dentists and doctor and psychologist (all in less than 24 hours and meaning the bunnies need ‘checking in’ for the day as I cant make their appointment time).  Never mind all my own work and writing tasks stacking up … plus it is 2 minutes to 6pm and I have no idea what I am cooking for dinner or even if there is any food in the house (aside from the few chocolate almonds left in the packet I have been munching) …. and well a glass of wine would just cover over all of that.

However I am 100% committed and  HALF way to my 30 days – and so continuing to ‘work the process’.

Day 15 was all about vision and visualisation – which I have always been right into the idea of but never very good at.  I can’t ‘see’ much and then get a bit stressed trying to fill in all the details I can’t see with thoughts and well …. it just isn’t that much fun…becomes another task on the every expanding to do list.

However another task was to make a vision board …. me and Pinterest are good friends, so that part of my homework was easy and fun, and might help with my other challenges in this area. It was interesting to have one without a glass of wine as I love a nice picture of a glass of wine.  Wine glasses are half of my love of wine … I am still drinking out of them.

Tomorrow is all about questions … so looking forward to that, but hoping I don’t have to come up with answers.


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