Day 16

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”

Albert Einstein

Welcome to day 16 of my 30 days to sobriety.

Gee it really is becoming a bit normal this not pouring a drink (well at least not an alcoholic one) at wine o’clock.  A bit second nature maybe.  However my health symptoms are not great the last few days, both mental and physical ….. seems wrong to feel worse when not drinking – but that is not uncommon for me.

Todays focus is on the power of questions – maybe there will be something of a pick me up in this for me.


The first point is to consider what your questions pre-suppose e.g. why can’t I quit drinking? presupposes … you guessed it … that you can’t stop drinking.  Seems obvious when you put it like that huh? But remember that your subconscious mind is always listening in and will take good note and support you in your not quitting drinking.  Such questions to oneself also usually result in unhelpful l answers e.g.

Q. Why am I so fat?

A. It’s genetic, I am unhappy and eat when unhappy, have no self control … or whatever.

What happens when we remove the presupposition:

Q. How can I achieve my ideal weight? 

A. Exercise, get a smaller plate, remove sweets from the house ….. or whatever

See the different (better) answers, and therefore thoughts and actions that the second kind of questioning might result in??

Next there is some advice that is a little woo-woo perhaps – but I am not checking the science on this I am “working the steps” …. and sometimes we need a bit of woo-woo huh? So here goes:

  1. Ask how not why
  2. Ask frequently – in your head and out loud (especially on buses, no jokes, don’t)
  3. Don’t try to consciously answer the question
  4. Emotionally charge the question … ideally with your values.

Right so I am off to ask myself, “How am I going to learn to take or leave wine, while creating a fun, awe inspiring life full of love?”  … Then I’ll ask it again out loud, over and over again while doing the supermarket shopping.

See you tomorrow.


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