Day 24

Welcome to Day 24 (of my 30 days to sobriety).

The focus today is meditation …. which has come not a moment too soon.

I have been confessing my sins lately and here is another one -> I have forgotten five appointments in the last week.  Argh six another one just came to me.  Oh the power of confession.

This is a life first by a long shot.

In fact for me that is about a decades worth of missed appointments (for no good stuck-under-a-heavy-object type reasons that is).  Confessing this as an executive coach, feels pretty much the worst confession I can make.  Brene Brown would be proud! Go the vulnerability.

So I have bad news, or good news depending.  I am dropping too many very important balls (several of these appointments were health based).  So today I am re-prioritising, checking all emails, clearing all phone messages so I see new reminders, reconciling appointments with my diary entries and all that thrilling stuff.  One of these clear-the-decks items is to stop my daily(ish) blog on my 30 days.  I will continue my homework and update yawl on day 30 (and maybe even day 31 to say whether I ended up dancing on tables after a bottle of vodka).

I think that my drinking was offering some other positives, namely stress relief.  So instead of having a drink tonight I will take the learnings from today and get my meditation groove back on.  I had a daily practice for about a year and a half that slipped a few months back.

For now – I will find the shower (a little overdue that one too, the dodgy confession bank has well burst), get the bunnies to the vet, do some home-schooling for sick child, respond to some client things, reorganise meetings, get my book plan updated, rush the sick bunnies back to the exotic vet …… and so the list goes on (in fact there are many different lists, that I haven’t even had time to read anymore).

Ok so that is all off my chest.  Normally this is when I would say jokingly (but not) I need a drink.  Although it is morning and that would be shocking – I am excited to say …. I am thrilled not to be counting the hours to this evenings drink.   I am counting the hours to returning from the vet and being able to meditate!

Thanks for following me, you really are making a difference.

All my love until next week.

The Wellbeing at Work Dr.

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