Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of my 30 days to sobriety.

10% there.

….and ….. no drinking, no chocolate fish for breakfast, not much of anything really.

Like Day 2, todays activities were challenging due to the focusing on the pain of drinking to excess; the waking in your own pee sort of drinking.

Which kinda made me want a drink or a wee.

I was a good girl and did not in anyway skip through.  I did the tasks and wrote about the old me (the habitual drinker from Monday) and the new me (all fresh and perky and thriving in sobriety).  I also wrote my detailed plan to get me from A to B.

Another big challenge today was to SET NO OTHER GOALS, ouch.  It is a bit like telling an alcoholic DONT HAVE THIS DRINK!  I get it, the idea is don’t get all carried away after 72 hours sober and set yourself crazy goals that you will fail at and inevitably turn to booze.

However as my drinking was not the waking in your own pee kind, part of the reason to do the 30 days was to raise the bar on all my neglected health habits.  I have brokered some kind of compromise of being present on some things (food, exercise, neglected medications, meditation) without specific clear goals (which given I am an executive coach is almost painful) …. I am not sure this would be approved, however lets see how we go.

Now it is time to go and help Ms 12 bake gluten free cakes, just the sort of activity I don’t like without a glass of wine.  Actually it occurs to me, I don’t like my kitchen without a glass of wine.  Surely that is up there with waking in my own pee?

Speaking of waking in your own pee, one of the extras today was this hilarious ditty from a comedian 15 years in recovery:

See you tomorrow.

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