Day 8

Welcome to day 8 or my 30 days to sobriety.

Today was one of those days; sick child (heartbreaking as it is ongoing), mystery stenches rising from the kitchen sink, broken glass in the bathroom, lack of sympathy from someone in the inner circle (who shall not be named), passive aggressive interchanges with the local librarian over unpaid fines and the exotic vet phoning in sick (no doubt with some exotic illness) and not being able to spay the rabbits (who are now at it like … well rabbits, despite both being girls, god willing).

In short one of those days that I would normally decide I deserved a drink and indulge in a guilt free one (or three).

The homework today was also a little confronting, in that apparently it is ‘not really cricket’ to just count the days down till ones next drink.  23 days less four or so hours till my next drink. Or is that 23 hours less five hours till I am reformed enough to not got out and buy some wine?

Todays focus was willpower – and the established wisdom that willpower is not the way to achieve anything much and that it runs out as the day progresses.  My issue is the science mentioned has recently been debunked (or at least seriously undermined) as I discuss here.

However I can see willpower did not work for me in Dry March (during which I made it to the 4th without a drink, ouch).  So whether or not willpower runs out (or depletes as per the ego depletion theory) it doesn’t seem to be a great way to go about stopping stuff (in the 30 days solutions opinion and my experience).

The good news is for Dry May, I have this blogging, the book, and the ‘share’ I did on Facebook today to friends and family (given I only usually share political or funny stuff on fb this was not fun, it was to back myself into a corner as it were).

Tomorrow the focus is action …. see you there.

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