Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of my 30 days to sobriety.

Today we say whoop- whoop! go me!

Because I finished Part 1 and completely a full week cycle, without a single sip of wine.

I also survived a colonoscopy and gastroscopy today – so I really deserve some credit (as does Him Indoors who stepped up on the home front to get everything achieved).

Tody the focus is celebrate and review.

I did also learn something thrilling today – the advice was NOT to give up sugar, as peeps that try both often fail.  There was no scientific references, so this may be its own cute example of confirmation bias.  But I am celebrating with a glass of ginger ale (in a festive wine glass).

My  dear daughter used to watch a pre-school kids show and as always with such shows there was a moral; the narrator would say in their ever sing songy tones “What did you learn Jo-Jo?“.  This is one of those moments.  So far I have learnt:

  • Day 1 – I learnt that event + response = outcome
  • Day 2 – Focused on visioning work, and taking a good hard look at the old me (the one from the day 0).  I even had to take a picture, which I am in no way posting
  • Day 3 – We looked deeper still at the old and new me’s and developed a bridge to join them (yes I did not share all that – come on I need some privacy). We also got some comedy light relief (thank heavens)
  • Day 4 – I practiced letting go
  • Day 5 – I worked on believing in myself – which I think is really starting to happen
  • Day 6 – I got serious about Goal setting

Bring on phase II, I am ready!


Art by Dead Daughter. This hand made gift from her was the best celebration I could have hoped for today.

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