Day 9

Welcome to day 9 of my 30 days to sobriety

How do I feel – sober? Sober. Maybe a little too Sober.

On balance I am having many new and positive experiences, I am coping with late afternoons much better.  I am probably happier than the last week of drinking.  But I am still struggling, I am still ‘in the journey’.  I am still not reconciled to a life without wine, or a life where I don’t really really enjoy wine.  However that is not my action for today.  My actions for today are all about actions. True story.

Action one was to write down my three biggest worries (kinda covered above) and list actions I have taken to address them in the last nine days as well as actions I might take in the future.

I am also tasked to start a ‘Tiny Habit’; something you attach to a habit that is already in place (much like we discussed here about flossing attached to existing tooth brushing).

My new tiny habit is to review my 30 day vision every time I use the bathroom.  Those that know me and my spoonie (chronic illness) ways will know me and the bathroom are a little too close.

See you tomorrow for day 10 – that feels like some sort of milestone, double digits and all that. I believe my focus tomorrow is values … which is an area of expertise of mine so no doubt I’ll do a crap job at it.



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