I am my habits and you, my dear, are yours.

My regulars may have noticed I’ve lost my groove somewhat in recent months.  I have many excuses; not least of which is trying to finish my PhD and preparing for another international move with the family.  Although I have kept up my blogging mojo with more on my plate.  So why the slippage?  I think I have lost my way a bit on what I want to research, try, do, learn and share.

I have had a bit of symptom improvement in recent months, so my day-to-day life is easier, but surprisingly (or not) my health habits have slipped.  My wine intake is heading towards disgraceful, my lack of exercise; likewise. Even my entrenched daily meditation habits have taken a hit.

In a twisted way I had much more blogging mojo (not to mention much better habits) when I was sicker.  My blogging/sickness was keeping me honest, keeping my habits on track.

What is this? Surely now I would be even more motivated to maintain and improve my momentum?  Or is it the same thing I wrote about here, that I have lost my near and present pressure, that I am only human  after all.

I know I am not alone, both with spoonies and regular ‘healthy’ people in my habit challenges.

So what have I decided to do?

You guessed it – I will figure out the science, share the science.  Iam going to start looking at the research on habits.   I am going to see if there are some practical things I can put into practice.

I have some spepcific things I want to understand about habits:

  • What is the latest (scientific) thinking on habits?
  • Who are the bestest thinkers?
  • Is it harder to form or break a habit?
  • How different are habit processes for ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ habits?
  • Are health habits different to say work habits?
  • How long does it take to make or break a habit?
  • How much do individual differences matter e.g. personality or genetics? Are some of us just doomed to a life of boozing and not taking our vitamins?
  • How much does the environment, certain triggers etc make a difference?
  • How do habits relate to goals? Do good goals make good habits happen or vica versa?
  • What has the social media boom done for habits, good and bad. Right and wrong
  • Habit apps; cheap thrills or real benefits?

But really it all boils down to – what do I (and you my dear) need to do to not be battling habits forever more?

What are your questions, concerns, joys about habits?

Watch this space (check out the habits category on the bar on the right) as together we form a better version of ourselves through better habits.

Yours as ever,

The WellbeingatWork(oh so nearly)Dr.








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