Reiki Part One: An Introduction

This is part one of a three part series on Reiki, the parts are: Reiki Part One: An introduction Reiki Part Two: What the research says Reiki Part Three: My personal journey Reiki & Me I have received Reiki several times in the past from trained practitioners and always loved the experience.  In the UK […]

Book Review: Dying to Wake Up

Dr Rajiv Parti, MD with Paul Perry. Published by Atria Books 2016. Sometimes I like to draw inspiration form unlikely quarters. Not research based ones.  Parti tells of his journey from ambitious, callous and pain killer addicted Anesthesiologist to founding a conscious based healing center after a profound Near Death Experience (NDE). This is a […]

Chronic Illness and the Search for the Holy Grail.

There comes a point after many moons of doctors tests and a vague incurable, poorly understood diagnosis or six (often with word ‘syndrome’ attached) that we get the Big Dr Shrug (BDS).  The BDS goes like this: well you are not dying, there is nothing seriously wrong, and nothing more I can do, um yeah, […]

SIBO Part D: My Treatment Plan

This is part four of a four part series on Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  The other parts cover what it is, what the experts say, what diets are commonly used in treatment. This post is focused on my personal treatment plan for my Methane dominant SIBO.   See previous blogs for definitions etc as I […]

Learnings from the Trenches of Illness: It is possible to heal the busyness addiction!

Sometimes there are nuggets of good in the very bad.  There is even the odd bonus in getting sick enough that surviving some days is a triumph. I have cured myself, completely, of the busyness addiction.  How many times have you asked a friend you have not seen for a while “how are you?” only […]

Health Anxiety and the Chronically Ill: Oh So Many Faces Has She.

Yesterday I had throat cancer …. It was horrific. You can’t possibly imagine all your worst fears coming true.  Just imagine if your doctor said those awful words to you ….. “Look … I’m sorry … it’s … C….” heart racing, shaking, stomach churning, the world closing in. My mind is stunning … within a […]

At least 10 things NOT to say to your loved one with chronic illness.

You must try ….. [enter any number of weird and whacky suggestions here] Chances are that one magic thing you or your Aunt Zelda tried for your bunions is not going to cure their multiple sclerosis. You may have something valuable to share that they haven’t tried.  But first just pause for a moment and […]

The Miserable, Messy lot of a Reluctant Foodie

Food Should be fun If you are following my blog and waiting for stories and pictures of me whipping up sumptuous allergy/spoonie friendly food in my clean kitchen and designer clothes: I am sorry I have bad news….. I hate cooking, I don’t much like eating, accept for other times when I adore eating.  I […]

Just For Today: Do not be angry

Part of my journey in Reiki training is to get in touch with the five principles of Reiki, namely: Do not be angry Do not worry Be kind to yourself and others Express ones Gratitude Be diligent in work I read these principles in my Reiki training manual and was like … yeah…yeah …. sure […]

How to change Habits: Take Baby Steps or Go the Whole Hog

Change Habits: Go the Whole Hog

“We form habits and then they form us” Rob Gilbert ….for good and bad.  You could argue we are our habits.  To change we must change our habits; something I am pretty sure we have all tried and failed at numerous times.  I sure have. I have read compelling books on the topic of habit […]

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