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Day 30: Nailed it!!!!

Welcome to Day 30 of my 30 days to sobriety! How do I feel?  Am I sober? I have drowned in sugar (which my system would normally punish me badly for).  I have forgotten meetings left right and centre.  My heart rate variability has not improved at all.  I am chaos basically. However I feel […]

Day 24

Welcome to Day 24 (of my 30 days to sobriety). The focus today is meditation …. which has come not a moment too soon. I have been confessing my sins lately and here is another one -> I have forgotten five appointments in the last week.  Argh six another one just came to me.  Oh […]

Days 22 & 23

Welcome to day 23 of my 30 days to Sobriety. Am I loosing my groove? I realise my posts are not exactly daily now and I could blame the sick child, or even the sick bunnies (true story), and the fact that I am dropping balls left right and centre due to over commitment.  But […]

Day 20

Welcome to day 20 of my 30 days to Sobriety. One wedding & a funeral Two thirds of the way to my goal and I am really  noticing a shift.  I see images of wine everywhere (it is really pervasive in our culture huh?) and suddenly it is just … well a picture of wine. […]

Day 18

Welcome to day 18 of my 30 days of sobriety – which focuses on affirmations. Affirmations …. just the word makes me hurt a bit. Affirmations are in the proven toolkit of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as a billion self-help books, podcasts and Pinterest posts.  I understood (although I have not looked at […]

Day 17

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which never happened” Mark Twain Day 17 (of my 30 days to sobriety) is again revisiting things I know.  I am not meaning to sound like a know-it-all.  It is just I have worked and read in personal development for many […]

Day 15

Welcome to day 15 of my 30 days to sobriety You may have noticed I can’t count and there is no day 14.  No I did not go on a bender, I got confused and skipped onto day 15.  It did not matter much as day 14 was a review and had no actions, and […]

Day 13

Welcome to day 13 of my 30 days to sobriety. Lucky 13 eh? It was also mothers day, so it’s my day all around.  I did not even have any “I deserve a wine on my day” thoughts.  This is progress. Todays homework was a bit freaky; it was based on Tapping (or the Emotional […]

Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of my 30 days to sobriety. Today was (again) content I am familiar with; it focused on the power of your subconscious mind. Which is not always swimming with you. I see my subconscious a bit like a super powerful beast, that is very obedient and has a photographic memory – […]

Day 11

Welcome to day 11 of my 30 days to sobriety. Turns out I didn’t need wine to forget stuff (its actually day 12, but I just noticed day 11 failed to launch). Before I get to 12, I want to quickly share some profound learnings I had in the homework for Day 11 (and it […]